Liver Transplant

With our focus on improving the quality of life of our patients, from the ETHE Foundation we seek to generate consciousness about the early detection of liver diseases to guarantee the success of the transplant. With a long trajectory on children liver transplant, ETHE is considered an expert in these interventions collaborating at the same time with patients that may have ecomonic difficulties.

Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant performed on time prevents having to resort to dialysis for the child. Dialysis Is a life long treatment that not only affects the child but also the whole family and his life dynamics.
To perform these transplants, the Foundation works with government areas, specialists, medical centers and a team focused on the needs of every patient. We conduct every renal transplant case integrally during the complete process, accompanying the child so they can have a full life.

Congenital Heart Diseases

Most congenital heart diseases can be treated with an early diagnosis. Detecting this diseases during the first week of life, determined that the child can have a normal and healthy life. After the first week, the intervention is difficult to perform that is why it is so important to detect theses defects through ultrasounds during the pregnancy and after the birth. EHTE puts together world renowned doctors known for their work with congenital heart diseases and surgeries. Together with highly qualified Medical Centers and a team of personalized assistance we provide quality medical assistance, emotional contention to patients and family and we seek to facilitate the possibility of the patients to access the treatment.


Promote the development of highly specialized medicine in the Caribbean and Central America through public and private resources, destined to the formation and training of professionals of all specialties involved in this process.